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TSH / LODI PT EVOLUTION Lodi Physical Therapy was established in 1963 by James Chard PT. After serving the Lodi community as a solo practitioner, Mr. Chard brought to Lodi, Lauri and Monty Merrill PTs, who purchased LPT in 1992. Since then, Lodi Physical Therapy has been operating under the TSH, Therapy Sports and Health umbrella. Lodi Physical Therapy, through its University and professional associations, is known for having and training the premier Physical Therapy and rehabilitation specialists in the San Joaquin Valley. Our practice is expanding. We have three facilities at present, two in Lodi and one in Stockton. In addition to our cornerstone of Physical Therapy healing, we are helping our patients, clients and communities achieve results in sports performance, injury prevention, and establishing overall fitness and wellness. Through our outreach programs, we are to make significant personal and financial contributions to our communities. In the coming year, we will be proudly celebrating 50 years of having the supreme privelege and pleasure serving the Lodi community. To recognize our expanded areas of services, TSH, Therapy Sports and Health, will be the known public umbrella for Lodi PT and the PUMP Institute. Look for the TSH logo in our communities. Join us in building a vibrant, strong healthy community. Guide your destiny. Come be a part of Therapy Sports and Health. HANDS ON HEALING A PASSION FOR PERFORMANCE

Conditions we treat including but not limited to: Orthopedic and Sports Injuries Pre/Post Surgical Rehabilitation Back and Neck Injuries/Pain Work Injuries Auto Accident Injuries Benefits of Physical Therapy Relieve pain and muscle spasms Improve mobility and increase range of motion Increase/maintain muscle strength and endurance Decrease swelling and inflammation of joints Decrease physical stresses Prevent/limit permanent physical disabilities