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Throughout our branches, TSH Lodi Physical Therapy and TSH PUMP, we are passionate about bettering the lives of those around us. As fellow community members, it is our pleasure and privilege to help you reach your greatest potential, pursuing a fuller stronger, happier life. The three sides of the TSH shield represent the pillars, Therapy, Sports and Health that form the integrated, solid core of our foundation. Therapy: Our hands on healing of pain weakness and disability that returns you to your best self. Sports: Returning to, building and maximizing your performance, whether you are an elite athlete or a person pursuing a truly active life style. Health: The resolve to be free from illness and pain, having your body and mind working together at their best. We hold this in highest regard for individuals and our communities. We invite you to become a part of our commitment to living our best lives and pursuing excellence. Let us help mold your ambition into achievement and guide your dedication to greatness.



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